GoSol Initiative

GoSol.org’s goal is to ensure that within 10 years the 2.7 billions of people who are currently depending on the use of any polluting fuel get access to clean and free energy.

For artisans, farmers and entrepreneurs, the technology uses locally available materials, such as steel and mirrors. The idea of the pattern is to concentrate sunlight into one focus point and create enormous heat (up to 300°C). The mirror ray can be scaled and adapted to perform almost any task powered by heat. These solar concentrators have been already used to bake bread, roast groundnut, boil water, fry food, or dehydrate vegetables, fruit and fish in over 10 countries during the R&D steps.

We are going to achieve our goal with pilot projects to power rural activities, offering trainings to NGOs and communities, providing educational material (construction guides, SolBooks, tutorials) tested by our community of members.

Bakers and Peanut Butter Producers Using our Tech in Kenya

In partnership with the NGO World Vision Finland and World Vision Kenya, GoSol has started a pilot project in the Western part of Kenya during Spring 2016. Through World Vision’s Weconomy collaboration, GoSol has initiated and supported building of solar concentrators by local artisans using only available materials in Kisumu region, near lake Victoria. A local bakery has been able to reduce operating costs and can now produce and sell more baked goods to local schools and students. A peanut butter workshop in Karemo produces organic peanut butter with renewable energy. They have replaced the use of charcoal with solar thermal energy, which reduces cost and improves the taste of the end product.

Launching A Global Wave
of Solar Entrepreneurship

In many places energy poverty and deforestation create a vicious cycle that can only be broken with cost-efficient, local and scalable renewable energy alternatives.

By releasing free guides we are allowing for royalty-free replication of our artisan technology that could reach millions of people at the base of the pyramid and have massive impact on deforestation, particle pollution and climate change.

With the #Free The Sun campaign launched 2015 we are crowdfunding to connect makers, builders and entrepreneurs to spread the Solar Fire technology at the BoP level.

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